This release provides some bugfixes and updates.

We STRONGLY recommend, that you have a look at our upgrade guide, before upgrading your installation from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2!


  • Please be aware, that our Mac OS X installer actually is NOT aware of changes you've made to your configuration files. So it is necessary to BACKUP all configuration files you've customized, to not loose your changes.
  • We recently moved the descriptors to a separate package appserver-io/description. This helps framework developers to decouple their code.
  • For detailed installation instructions look at our documentation
  • Linux packages are split in runtime and distribution packages. So please install both of them. Runtime packages provide appserver-runtime which the appserver-dist package depends on
  • For bleeding edge development builds, check our developer builds page


  • Fixed #110 - Digest auth does not work on windows build
  • Fixed #605 - Problems saving structure map on Windows
  • Fixed #654 - Existing files containing spaces are ignored
  • Fixed #635 - Extracting PHAR archives containing empty files results in an exception
  • Fixed #666 - appserver-watcher daemon does not work on Windows
  • Fixed #673 - "Cannot re-declare class ..." error on certain circumstances
  • Fixes #675 - Canceled authentication does not default to 401 error page


  • Closed #179 - Standardize Windows builds
  • Closed #283 - MSI based Windows installer
  • Closed #620 - Extend in-code comments in regards to missing properties
  • Closed #645 - Remove obsolete authentication adapters from ServletEngine
  • Closed #657 - Remove serverSoftware and serverAdmin attributes from host node
  • Closed #656 - Refactoring ServletEngine + PersistenceContainerModule for less usage of \Stackables
  • Closed #655 - Reduce memory consumption by decrease worker number

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