The TechDivision GmbH is an established internet agency that supports famous national and international customers with the planning, conception and implementation of web-based technologies already for years. As Magento Gold Partner and TYPO3 Association Gold Member, TechDivision is one of the leading addresses for ambitious Magento- and TYPO3 solutions. Beside divers medium-sized companies, a lot of international acting companies, such as Ritter-Sport, American Express, Meggle or Ferrero trust the know-how and experience of TechDivision. Actually TechDivision has 2 locations in Rosenheim/Kolbermoor and Munich.

We believe that we can change the world by providing you with the next generation PHP infrastructure:

Stefan, CEO

Stefan studied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim, Germany. During this time, he started his entrepreneurship with several projects leading to founding the TechDivision GmbH as an internet support company for open source driven solutions in the area of content management and eCommerce. The Magento Gold Partner TechDivision become one of the leading companies in Europe in consulting, developing and supporting Magento Enterprise solutions. During the last five years, Stefan Willkommer supervised lots of international Magento and TYPO3 projects for very well known customers like Ferrero, WMF and Ritter Sport. Within TechDivision, he introduced lot's of market leading technologies in the area of deploying PHP applications and is addicted to lean project management methodology.

Tim, CTO & Project Founder

Since 1997 Tim works for TechDivision GmbH, including a break of 3,5 years. Since his first contact with PHP, he was fascinated by the thought of realizing Enterprise Applications with PHP. Thus he developed a development-framework for PHP „struts4php“ in 2003, which was the first development-framework for PHP, which he published as an open-source software - long time before ZEND, Symfony and co. appeared. With and the idea of a real application server written in PHP he wants to challenge himself again….

Johann, Lead Developer & Softwarearchitect

Johann works for TechDivision GmbH since 2008. Already before the internet age he engaged himself in software development and architecture. After the launch of the internet, he could adapt the collected experiences quickly on the used techniques and procedures and finally found PHP, which fascinates him, especially in the Enterprise surrounding, till today.

Bernhard, Softwarearchitect

The curiosity in new technologies and the internet as the perfect platform for progress provoke Bernhard to study informatics focused on software development and web technologies. His interest in PHP aroused via some national and international business projects. These interests were summarized in his master thesis „Design by Contract in PHP“ as part of the developer team. Here he works on a robust and multilateral middleware for the PHP project business.

Josef, CMO

Already during his business administration studies focused on Marketing, Josef worked for a Software company in the area of Online-Marketing and got the first time in touch with Online Marketing in the 90s. After his graduation, he was Online Product Manager and later CEO for the development of the web-area of a big Austrian newspaper publisher. Following he founded the online agency TechDivision with his brother, of which he made one of the leading companies for ambitious web-development in the PHP-surrounding.

Guido, Head of Partner and License Management

Guido studied law at the University of Regensburg. He worked for several companies for international contract law. At, he is responsible for partner management and licensing.

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