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Iron Knight has arrived!

Download Version 1.1.4 More details ...


Fully HTTP/1.1 compliant, component based webserver with FastCGI module
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Rewrite Engine

Webserver module for rewriting URLs and redirecting requests
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Servlet Engine

Container that loads applications and objects (= servlets) on application startup persistently into memory
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Persistence Container

Enables developers to hold objects in memory and bind them to specific sessions or use them globally
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Message Queue

Service with the ability to process message objects asynchronously
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Timer Service

CRON-like service that executes specified tasks at defined times
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Comparison of PHP infrastructural components is a next-generation PHP infrastructure consisting of a lightning fast webserver completely written in PHP including additional frequently needed services in one powerful bundle. You can use all of the services or only specifically selected services in your existing application with no additional tweaks. This is just what you need since we have eliminated the need for additional tools or additional services, and PHP and you´re done!




Zend Server


Language C C C Java PHP
Webserver HTTP Compliant
Rewrite Engine
Rewrite Map
Fast CGI Interface
Servlet Engine
Message Queue
Timer Service
Persistence Container

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For Developers

Easy to use on all platforms and just PHP

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For Vendors

More performance and reduced maintenance

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For Agencies

Increases efficency and sales potential

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For Companies

Easier distribution and seamless integration

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  ... and best of all it´s completely open source!