1.0 the most powerful PHP infrastructure is now available for free

With the stable release of PHP enters a new era. After nearly two years of development, TechDivision GmbH, finally released 1.0.0, the first real PHP Application Server, fully written in PHP. supports multi-threading out-of-the-box and is completely open source! That release is also a proof of concept that stateful application development with PHP, a scripting language, is possible at all and opens countless new opportunities in the PHP ecosystem including real enterprise applications. Another cool thing: can be used with existing applications like Drupal, Magento or Wordpress, and they benefit from the performance and additional opportunities of is the first player in the previously, only by non PHP language tools, covered market segment of infrastructure solutions. The LAMP stack, together with countless 3rd party tools, has, by now, been the backbone of millions of low and midrange web applications, e-commerce solutions and websites. With the growing demand of the market, making PHP ready for real enterprise solutions, the LAMP stack reaches its limits. Especially areas like maintainability and scalability are, compared to common solutions, bottlenecks the PHP ecosystem is responsible to find working solutions for. exactly focus that topics and enters the stage as a fully featured infrastructure solution that replaces the "A" and pulls the 3rd party tools out of the LAMP stack. Based on a fast and rock solid HTTP/1.1 compliant web server written in PHP as the first layer, provides a Persistence- Container and a Servlet-Engine as second. Finally the last layer is built by a Message-Queue and a Timer- Service which makes heavy use of the Persistence-Container functionality. These completely stateful services are bundled with functionalities like AOP, Dependency-Injection, Design-by-Contract and Annotations, that massively speeds up application development, maintainability and reusability.

As all functionality has been completely written in PHP, developers doesn't need to know other programming languages, what will remove the dangerous language and knowledge break. is the most powerful PHP infrastructure that comes with the following features together in one bundle:

  • A fully HTTP/1.1 compliant webserver which can process requests over HTTP as well as HTTPS
  • Easy to use rewrite engine which is completely compatible to apache rewrites
  • Servlet Engine that provides a web container enabling developers to load applications and objects in memory
  • Message Queue that provides services enabling developers to process messages asynchronously
  • Timer Service enabling the execution of methods at a determined point of time
  • Persistence Container enabling developers to hold objects, so-called beans, in memory.

TechDivision GmbH, the company behind, decided to publish and operate the solution as real open source software. The company is convinced, that this will be the best way to make itself part of the PHP community and let developers, that are interested to help pushing the language up to a new level, be part of the project.

The first release is also a proof of concept that stateful application development with PHP, a scripting language, is possible at all and opens countless new opportunities in the PHP ecosystem. Beside a huge roadmap with features for the next release 1.1.0 aka "Iron Knight", TechDivision GmbH will work on a Enterprise Edition that'll cover enterprise level requirements like load balancing, clustering and failover functionality.


TechDivision GmbH
Josef Willkommer
Spinnereiinsel 3a
83059 Kolbermoor


Tel. +49 8031 221055-0

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About is a next-generation PHP infrastructure consisting of a lightning fast webserver completely written in PHP including additional frequently needed services like a message-queue and a timer-service in one powerful bundle. supports real multi-threading in PHP out-of-the-box, giving you unexpected opportunities for real enterprise applications in PHP. You can use all of the inluded services or only specifically selected ones in your existing application with no additional tweaks. This is just what you need since we have eliminated the need for additional tools or additional services, and PHP and you're done!

About TechDivision

The TechDivision GmbH is an established internet agency that supports famous national and international customers with the planning, conception and implementation of web-based technologies already for years. As Magento Gold Partner and TYPO3 Association Gold Member, TechDivision is one of the leading addresses for ambitious Magento- and TYPO3 solutions as well as complex PHP development. Beside divers medium-sized companies, a lot of international acting companies, such as Ritter-Sport, American Express, Meggle or Ferrero trust the know-how and experience of TechDivision. Actually TechDivision has 2 locations in Rosenheim/Kolbermoor and Munich with a team of 70 employees.

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