This release provides bugfixes and updates.

We STRONGLY recommend, that you have a look at our upgrade guide, before upgrading your installation to 1.1.2!


  • Please be aware, that our Mac OS X installer actually is NOT aware of changes you've made to your configuration files. So it is necessary to BACKUP all configuration files you've customized, to not loose your changes.
  • For detailed installation instructions look at our documentation
  • Linux packages are split in runtime and distribution packages. So please install both of them. Runtime packages provide appserver-runtime which the appserver-dist package depends on
  • For bleeding edge development builds, check our developer builds page

Known Issues

  • None


  • Add Rout.Lt package to distribution
  • Refactoring Runlevel integration to work with PHP 7 and pthreads 3.x
  • Switched to runtime 1.1.5 with PHP 5.6.23 and always_populate_raw_post_data to -1 in all PHP ini files


  • Removed PhpModule from appserver configuration files
  • Fixed random startup problems, occuring when container start's faster than configured servers

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