Third Release Candidate for 1.0.0 aka "Iron Horse"

This RC provides several bugfixes and optimizations and will probably be the LAST RC before final version 1.0.0.


  • Fixed error by adding clearstatcache() when adding additional files to logrotate configuration
  • Fixed #478 - Optimize update process on all OS
  • Fixed #492 - 500 Internal error page will be rendered on missing PHP file
  • Fixed #503 - Wrong PHP version within welcome page
  • Usage of wrong annotation classes within the AspectManager class


  • Closed #487 - Register logger instances in Naming Directory
  • Closed #508 - Refactoring Naming to improve decoupling of Frameworks
  • Closed #457 - Refactoring of annotation syntax
  • Closed #458 - Create new PSR for pbc and aop usage
  • Closed #505 - Refactoring Application initialisation to better support community Applications
  • Added welcome-page support for servers to be configurable as well
  • Refactored installation setup process to be called only once in dist post install scripts
  • Introduced #469 Provide setup script for developer mode
  • Updated dependencies


  • IMPORTANT: Since version 0.6.0 we've refactored nearly everything. Please be aware, that anything you've developed on versions before 1.0.0-rc3 needs to be refactored before it'll run on this release!
  • For detailed installation instructions look at our documentation
  • It is strongly recommended, that you'll remove installed versions before upgrading to 1.0.0-rc3
  • Linux packages are split in runtime and distribution packages. So please install both of them. Runtime packages provide appserver-runtime which the appserver-dist package depends on
  • For latest updates and bugfixes (this is a RC after all) have a look at our development builds

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