What is appserver.io?

appserver.io is a next generation PHP infrastructure. It is not a webserver like Apache or nginx, nor a Timer Service or Message Queue. It is all of them and much more in one extremely powerful bundle. And it is completely written in PHP enabling PHP developers to adapt appserver.io to their specific needs with no additional coding language - just PHP!

Or in other words: appserver.io is the PHP infrastructure for the future!

Want to learn more about the power of appserver.io?

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The most feature rich PHP plattform worldwide

appserver.io delivers the most feature rich plattform for PHP applications worldwide. Why? It's pretty simple. There is no compareable infrastructure enabling you get the most out of your software components by using a just one component below.

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Yes, it's seems complex but we got it will documented!

Of course an infrastructure like this is first of all not easy to understand and start with but we got it pretty well documented with a lot of real world examples.

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